Ian James(Your driver!)

Hi David, roses still blooming out here in Mission! Love the photos of Buffy and michelle, all best from us out her to all of you back there and have a luvrly Christmas, hope to see you next year!
Ian( the capt/driver!)

Debbie Hermer

Hi David:
Enjoyed the TV show very much. Loved seeing the house again, especially the room with the wood stove. It is a very special place and will always be dear to my heart. Congrats on your Juno. I enjoy your music very much. Deb Hermer


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David Francey Dog Photos

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    Ever since I added the Dog Page to David's site people have been sending us photos of their beloved pets. I love seeing your dogs and learning their stories. For your viewing pleasure I decided to create this gallery of Dog photos. This way I can easily add the current photos of our dogs and photos that you send us! To view all the photos and read the captions that go with them just click on a photo below. If you'd like to send us a photo, please make it 100 dpi and no more than 5"x7" - our dial-up connection is painfully slow! Check back here regularly, you may see a dog you know! Beth. ~ Return to the Official David Francey Web Site


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    We love to get your post cards! It is so nice to know that you are thinking of us when you are away! We also love the stamps! If you would like to send us a card, just send it to LAKER MAIL, PO BOX 284, Lanark ON. Canada K0G 1K0


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    David has been very fortunate to have had his picture taken with many friends, both new and old. Here are just a few. Maybe you are in one of them! Scroll down to see! I will add new faces every now and then. If you want to get back to just hit the "back" button. Beth

Spring Garden

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Winter Garden

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Summer Garden

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David's Photo Gallery

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Beth's Photo Gallery

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