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Nancy sent us this great photo of her new dog and this description of how she came to choose him.

"I'm sending you a picture of my puppy, Charlie. He's 6 mos old in the picture, and is a Valentine's Day baby! He was supposed to be a Siberian Husky or Husky mix...but...I had his DNA tested, and there is not a Husky hair in him! He's actually a German Shepherd/St. Bernard mix! He is from a rescue near Cornwall, and I drove 4 hours--one way--with my mother, brother and their 2 dogs to get him when he was 9 weeks old.

I lost Tug (my Siberian Husky, his picture is on the site) this past February at the tender age of 9, just 3 months after he was diagnosed with bone cancer. I knew that I wanted another dog, and my preference was for a Siberian--which, of course, I thought Charlie was!
But since he can't help his heritage, and is an absolute sweetheart, and is nothing but love on 4 legs, I love and cherish him anyway."

Well Nancy - it's funny how animals come into our lives - I can tell by his face that Siberian or no, you picked a wonderful guy! Welcome Charlie!