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Nancy writes
"Another picture for your doggie gallery!
These are my husband Tim's 2 dogs, Mickey and Reba. They are in North Carolina with him (I live in Toronto with Tug, my Siberian Husky, our picture is already in the gallery). They look strikingly similar, yet are not related (as far as we know, they aren't talking!), but they were both adopted from the same shelter but about 2 years apart.
Reba (standing in the back) is about 4 years old, and we think she is a yellow lab/chow chow cross (she has a spotted tongue!).
Mickey (laying in the front) is almost 2, and we think he's a yellow lab/australian shepherd cross. I don't know if you can tell by the picture, but Reba has the most gorgeous brown eyes, and Mickey has beautiful baby blues! Mickey has come a long long way since his days in the shelter; he was severely malnourished (he weighed only about 18 or 20 lbs, half of what he should have) when he was seized by animal control, he was basically a skeleton with fur; he had put on about 10 lbs before we adopted him, but was still at least 10 lbs underweight. As you can see now, he has filled out nicely and currently weighs just over 40 lbs, and is adored by his big sister!

Hope to be able to see David in concert soon!"

Thanks for writing Nancy and welcome Mickey and Reba!