> I Love My Koi Pond!

I love my Koi pond - and here are the photos to prove it!

Abirthday 241

Here is my koi pond - almost! This is the hole with out the fine tuning.

Abirthday 239

Here are the rocks that came out of the hole we dug - some of them weighed well over 50 pounds!

Abeach10garden 009

I put in the underlay and the liner and filled the hole with water.

Abeach10garden 010

I added water plants - water lilies, water hyacinth, water lettuce and others, then put pea gravel on the ledges and rocks around the edges of the pond.

Abeach10garden 008

Then it was time to do the tricky work. Tricky only because I made the mistake of adding the water first. I was working among established trees and shrubs in my garden so I had to get in the water to place carefully chosen rocks around the edge of the pond to hide the liner and make the pond look natural.


The result is, I hope, a fairly natural looking pond - a work in progress - complete with fish - and a frog!

Afishandflowers 294

It is really difficult to get a photo that shows the scale of the pond. (9'x5'x2 1/2'). Does that look like 9 feet?
This photo shows some of the plants I was working around - a day lily, 2 magnolias, one Camperdown elm and a pink hydrangea are barely visible here. There are also 2 Japanese maples and dwarf hemlock and junipers (can you see them?)

Afishandflowers 251

It has been hot out and the water lettuce is spreading!

Afishandflowers 304

Here you can (barely) see one of the Japanese maples in the foreground. The big flat rock just below came from our property - it was part of the foundation for a livery barn that had been torn down. I placed it there and made the ledge below it fairly deep so I can sit on the rock and put my feet in the water when it gets hot out!

Afishandflowers 304b

A closer view looking down from the bio falls. I got the rock for the spillway from a local quarry. I planned for a grotto under the falls - (a cave created by a U shaped bay in the pond covered by the flat rock)
The fish swim under the falls and into the grotto often - if you build it, they will come!

Afishandflowers 304bb

I tried to follow the advice I had read and what I have observed in the wild and add a variety of pond plants. Here you can see waterlilies, water lettuce, water hyacinth, water dock (that cool plant with the red veined leaves) water purse lane, sweet flag and narrow leaved cattails.

Afishandflowers 302

Ah - one of the many features of a backyard pond - I delight in the constantly changing reflections.

Afishandflowers 097

And...the jewels of the pond! The fish!
I absolutely love the fish! So much so that each one has a name.
I am trying to teach them to eat from my hand. So far they have come to within an inch of my fingers.

From left to right, the white, black and blue koi is Abercrombie Hayfield Pennyweather (named by our son Colin and heretofore known simply as Abercrombie!). The orange and white koi is Shoyu (named by my daughter Julia, Shoyu means soy sauce! Don't ask me!) and the big orange one is a comet we named Wilbur

Afishandflowers 098

Here we have Paul, the white koi in the foreground, left to right - the orange and black koi is Pretty Boy Floyd (he is the gangster of the pond) Abercrombie, right next to him/her is the lovely black, blue and red shebunkin, known as Pongo, orange and white Shoyu (farthest away) Captain Nemo, the white black and orange butterfly koi and Wilbur's tail.
Got them memorized?

Afishandflowers 069

I was thrilled when my waterlilies bloomed! Below the lilies you can see Abercrombie. When I first got the fish, none except our 3 year old goldfish, Wilbur, was more than 3 1/2 inches. Now several are pushing 8 or nine inches!

Afishandflowers 106b

Pongo comes up for some food - what a cool looking fish!

Afishandflowers 103

Shoyu and Anita kicking back

Afishandflowers 107

It is so hard to get photos of the fish because of the glare and reflections on the water!
I am going to buy a Polaroid filter for my zoom lens - then you will really see how gorgeous these fish are.
Top left - butterfly koi, Anita. White Koi Paul and bottom, P B Floyd,

Afishandflowers 109

Pongo's fins make him/her look like something otherworldly!

Afishandflowers 112

A close up of Pongo, Abercrombie - and Paul and Wilbur's tails.
Don't worry - better photos coming soon!

Avisit 355

Below, butterfly koi Anita and Jinx (named by my mother) and, there he is again, Abercrombie H. P.


Water lettuce, lily pads and a few clouds.

Apondjuly10 124

Ah! - the waterlilies are breath-taking!

Apondjuly10 142

Waterlily at dusk.

Apondjuly10 133

Hey small fry! How did you get in my pond! (more on this later!)


A couple of heavy weights - big rocks that came out of the hole we dug for the pond.

Apondjuly10 125

I am sure this photo will end up as one of my paintings!


Blue and green - my favourite colours.

Apondjuly10 116

The pond in July - time to thin out some of the plants!

Apondjuly10 122

Wildlife! A mink frog settles into the hornwort.